Xander Harris

Name: Alexander LaVelle Harris
Actor: Nicholas Brendon
Seasons Present: All
Episodes Appeared In: 143
Bio: Xander, like Willow, met Buffy on her first day at Sunnydale High. Xander immediately had a massive crush on Buffy, although the feelings were not reciprocated. Xander never possessed any super natural powers. His fighting ability was not great, he couldn’t do magic, but his courage and his heart were next to none. Xander was always a comic relief in the show, cracking jokes and doing stupid things to make others laugh. Xander was never perceived to have helped much in the battle for good, until the end of season six where Willow tries to take over the world, Xander steps in and reminds her how much he loves her, which makes her realise what she’s doing is wrong, thus, saving the world. Xander also revives Buffy using CPR after she drowns at the end of season one.
Love Interests: Xander first falls for Cordelia, the school bitch who was hated so much by Xander and Willow that they created the ‘We Hate Cordelia Club’. Xander and Cordelia only hook up when they are locked in a cellar together. Cordelia soon becomes an active member of the ‘Scooby Gang’ and is with Xander throughout season two. They break up after Xander cheats on her, but then get back together only to break up again in season three. Xander also has a one night stand with Faith. Xander then, in season four, meets Anya, a former vengeance demon. They fall in love, move in together and get engaged. Their wedding is set for season six, but Xander leaves Anya at the alter after seeing images of his ‘future’ life, in which he kills Anya. Xander and Anya have sex one more time, late in season seven, before realising that they are truly over.


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