Willow Rosenberg

Name: Willow Rosenberg
Actor: Alyson Hannigan
Seasons Present: All
Episodes Appeared In: 144
Bio: Willow first met Buffy when she started at Sunnydale High. Willow, along with Xander, was one of Buffy’s first, and soon to be best, friend. Willow was at first a very shy and reserved character, constantly drowned in a book or science project. Willow started dabbling in magic, and soon became a very powerful witch; so powerful, in fact, that after Tara was murdered at the end of season six Willow turned to Dark Magic and had enough power to destroy the world, which she intended on doing had Xander not intervened and stopped her.
Love Interests: Throughout the first season, Willow was in love with Xander, but the feeling’s were not mutual. Willow then met Oz at school. Oz was also very bright and in a band, which attracted Willow. It was later found out that Oz was a werewolf. Willow and Oz became an item at the end of season two and were a strong, quiet couple until the start of season four where Oz thought his lycanthropy was getting out of control so removed himself from Sunnydale to not harm Willow, or the others. Willow then met Tara, also a witch, in the fourth season. This was the first time that Willow had been with a girl, and later came out as a lesbian. Willow and Tara lived together until they broke up due to Tara’s concern that Willow was doing too much magic. After Willow stopped doing magic cold turkey, Tara and Willow were reunited, only for Tara to get shot by Warren at the end of season six.


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