Name: William Pratt
Actor: James Marsters
Seasons Present: Two – Seven
Episodes Appeared In: 97
Bio: Spike was sired by Drusilla around 1880. Before Spike was sired and transformed into a vampire, he was known as William, or William the Bloody, a poet given that nickname because his poetry was “so bloody awful”. After Spike was sired, he became quite the feared vampire, managing to take the lives of two slayers. Spike was also given the nickname ‘Spike’ because he used to torture his victims with railroad spikes. Spike first appeared in season two as Drusilla’s lover, and Buffy and Angel‘s enemy. Drusilla later leaves Spike for a Chaos Demon in season three. Spike the returns in season four, only to be captured by The Initiative and have a chip planted in his head. The chip meant that he could not harm a human without getting an enormous headache, but he was able to harm demons. This lead him to help out with the fight against evil, at first because he was getting paid, and then because he fell in love with Buffy. Spike later gave his life to save the world from the first evil on the last episode of the seventh season.
Love Interests: Before Spike was sired, he was deeply in love with Cecily, a wealthy woman who didn’t return his feelings. He then pursued a romantic relationship with Drusilla, when he was a vampire. He then is in a short fling with another vampire Harmony, after Drusilla dumps him. He is really only with Harmony for the company. During season five, Spike realises his feeling for Buffy and is, at first, disgusted by them. He then tries to prove to Buffy how much he loves her by killing Drusilla for her, which only results in Buffy uninviting him from her house. Spike gets super geek, Warren, to make him a robot exactly like Buffy, which serves Spike’s every need. Buffy is continuously hostile towards Spike until she realises that Spike endured intense torture in order to protect her sister. They start their secretive romantic relationship at the end of ‘Once More, With Feeling’ in season six. Buffy is hot and cold with Spike, admitting that she is using him, and breaks it off with him. After Anya and Xander broke up, Spike and Anya, both drunk and feeling sorry for themselves, have sex with each other, and the others find out. Spike unsuccessfully tries to rape Buffy which then results in him going to get his soul back, because he feels such remorse for his actions. Spike and Buffy then slowly get back together until Spike dies at the end of season seven.


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