Rupert Giles

Name: Rupert Giles
Actor: Anthony Head
Seasons Present: All
Episodes Appeared In: 123
Bio: Giles, an uptight, sensible Englishman, is Buffy‘s watcher. He starts off working in Sunnydale High’s library, which coincides with Buffy’s training and their research, as Giles has a training room in the back and the books on demons and other mystical forces are already in the library. Giles actually had a very rebellious youth, having no qualms about assaulting police officers and breaking into shops as portrayed in Bad Candy, an episode where powerful magics made all the adults who ate the ‘bad candy’ revert back, psychologically, to their teenage selves. Giles is then fired from the watchers council after betraying their orders to help out Buffy. As he faces unemployment and as Buffy is increasingly more dependent upon him, Giles decides to distance himself from her and the other ‘Scoobies’ during season four. Giles then rejoins the gang when he opens up the Magic Box, a shop specialising in selling magical goods, with a training room in the back for Buffy.
Love Interests: Giles first falls for Jenny Calendar, an computing teacher at Sunnydale High, where Giles and her met. They developed strong feelings for each other until she was murdered by a soulless Angel. Giles then had sex with Buffy’s mother, Joyce, during their psychological teenage state in ‘Bad Candy’. Giles also rekindles the relationship he had with Olivia.


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