Name: Liam AKA Angelus
Actor: David Boreanaz
Seasons Present:
Episodes Appeared In: One – Three
Bio: Angel first appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the very first episode as a friendly helper who would, for the first half of the season, only give Buffy cryptic clues about upcoming threats. Angel was cursed with a soul in 1898, which turned him extremely remorseful for his sins and resulted in him helping in the struggle against evil. Angelus was recorded as one of the most sadistic vampires in history. His evil side led him to kill the most beloved daughter of a Romanian Gypsy family, resulting in them restoring Angel’s soul; an act which made him feel remorse for all his evil acts, filling him with an almost unbearable amount of guilt. The only way to remove Angel’s soul was if he had a moment of true happiness, which he found when he had sex for the first time with the person he truly loved; Buffy. After Angel has lost his soul he kills Jenny, Giles‘ romantic partner, and attempts to destroy the world by raising Acathla, an almost unstoppable demon. Angel then leaves Sunnydale at the end of season three, deeming Buffy would be better off without him, only to return for a brief moment in season seven where Buffy admits that he is not needed.
Love Interests: The first recorded relationship Angel had was with Drusilla, which was ended after Angel got his soul back. No other relationships were mentioned in the show until he fell in love with Buffy. Angel and Buffy were together until Angel lost his soul and then rekindled their relationship when it was restored again, until he left at the end of season three. They also share a kiss on his return in season seven.


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